They rated me 10’s…

They were referred to me by a current client (her parents as a matter of fact) a few years ago. They wanted to move here from out of state to be with one of their daughters and grandson. We looked at quite a few homes over the years but nothing quite met their needs. Finally, a couple of months ago, we located a home and it seemed to fit the bill. Long story short, we wrote the offer and negotiated a successful closing. They are now living here in Cicero. It gives me great joy to work with ‘quality’ people. I say it that way because not everyone says thank you and please. The most simple things, like being polite and having good manners isn’t as common as it once was. I like to think my parents raised me right and I know this couple certainly was!

So, I get to type this because I received a feedback response from their real estate experience with me.

They rated me 10’s (10 being Outstanding) for my level of Service, Exceeding their expectations and my Level of Communication with them.

When asked what I could do better to serve their needs in the future, they simply wrote ‘Do no change!’ This may be my favorite feedback response over the last 10 years because of these three simple words!

When asked what word/s they’d use to describe me to family and friends? One word ‘Excellent’

Well, it just doesn’t get any better than that! Thank you Ed & Lynn for the opportunity to work with you, I know I’ll see you around town.

Feedback provided by:

Ed & Lynn Meyer

Cicero Residents!

— Ed & Lynn Meyer